TMU Update 2013

There are 15 men and women serving in the Taiwan Mission Unit (TMU). We come from six different countries. We have six ordained missionaries, six lay missionaries, and three seminarians who are on their first mission assignment (FMA).

We give importance in learning the language (Mandarin, Taiwanese, and other dialects) as we reach out to and work with various groups of people. Our current priorities for mission are: ministry among migrant workers, victims of human trafficking, immigrants and their families in the three migrant centers of the Hsinchu Diocese i.e. Hsinchu Migrants and Immigrants Service Center (HMISC), Hope Workersˇ¦ Center (HWC), Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Foreign Brides Office (VMWBO); and ministry among indigenous peoples in the Taian Parish, Hsinchu Diocese. Other ministries we will continue to staff while personnel are available are among: disadvantaged infants/children/youth; people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; mentally and developmentally challenged individuals; and recovering alcoholics.

Partnership is our way of being on mission. We share in the various administrative responsibilities and we work together as equal members of the TMU. We meet regularly for meals, meetings, and sharing of stories as our ways of supporting one another.

Ms. Vida Amor Hequilan
St. Columbanˇ¦s,
P.O. Box 328, Hsinchu
30099, Taiwan

Phone: +886 ˇV 37 - 663746